Simpson Calls Out Crooked
Maryland Democrats!

The election of 2020 will be the most consequential in our lifetime I am running for Congress to send principled, fearless leadership to Washington DC to stand alongside our principled and fearless President. We must re-elect Donald Trump to Keep America Great. I am proud to endorse his re-election campaign for President of the United States, and look forward to joining him in Washington to advance our shared conservative priorities. 

The socialist Democrats in Maryland have other ideas. They are playing dirty tricks to try and keep Republicans on the sidelines during this election!


How did they do it? Well, the state first spent millions by changing the primary elections to vote-by-mail, sending every voter a ballot in early May. But if you look at your ballot, you'll notice the date of the primary is listed as April 28th, 2020. 


I repeat, the primary election is on June 2nd NOT April 28th.

How is it possible that this colossal mistake was made? Easy!


The extremely partisan, socialist Democrats who run the Board of Elections in Maryland decided to use the coronavirus pandemic to try and hurt President Trump and other political outsiders like my campaign.

They want Republicans to see their ballot, thinking the date has already passed, and toss the ballot in the garbage. They are rigging the primary process to keep us on the sidelines so that national political hacks can continue spreading the fake message that President Trump is in trouble in the upcoming election.

We can't let them get away with this. Our community deserves a Representative in Congress who will fight for us, someone unafraid of the far left extremists willing to LITERALLY jeopardize our health and our economy solely for political power. 

Make sure to vote by mailing in your ballots before June 2nd, 2020. 

Vote to re-elect our great President Donald J. Trump.


Send him fearless, principled support in the House of Representatives to Keep America Great by voting Jim Simpson for US Congress!

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