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Why Should You Vote for Jim Simpson?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Maryland is a beautiful state. The rolling hills, streams, the Chesapeake, the Eastern Shore, the beach, the islands, the many varied neighborhoods, each with its own character. It is truly unique. I raised my two children here, took them to school every day and watched them grow up. The many friends I have made here are friends for life. I want to spend the rest of my life here.

But Maryland politicians are literally ruining the state and driving our people out in droves. There are corrupt judges who ignore the law to support the Left agenda, an extremely corrupt legislature and many local jurisdictions, all managed by leftwing extremists who willfully ignore their constitutional oaths and the laws they are sworn to uphold. Democrats have gerrymandered the state to the point where districts look like ink splatters. They have rigged the state for themselves, denying Republicans, independents, and even their fellow Democrats any meaningful representation. Many voters don't even know what district they are in.

It is all designed to keep politicians like my opponent Dutch Ruppersberger entrenched in power, spending our hard-earned tax dollars to enrich themselves while things continue to grow worse. Roads crumble, businesses are threatened and crime escalates. Schools fall apart and graduate children who can barely read. Even the $32 billion Kirwan education "reform" proposal merely throws more money at the current failed system and promises to make the education bureaucracy even larger. Sanctuary policies add to the chaos, with illegal aliens being coddled by Dutch-Pelosi while MS-13 roams the streets. Maryland is becoming California East. I literally fear for my children's future.

We cannot continue to send the same politicians to Washington and expect a different result. I’m running to represent YOU so that we finally have a leader that will fight for our values and priorities in Congress. And I am the most qualified of all the candidates in this race. I have worked in the White House budget office under 3 presidents, where I saved millions of taxpayer dollars by identifying and cutting wasteful spending. I understand Washington, DC dynamics better than any of my GOP primary opponents, and every bit as well as Dutch-Pelosi, but without his irresponsible, scheming, calculating, self-serving motives.

I have built a successful business and understand the problems small businesspeople have to deal with every day under the stifling regulatory and tax agendas of the Nancy Pelosi/Dutch Ruppersberger Democrats. I have studied, reported, advised and engaged on these issues for decades as an investigative journalist, author and activist, with many victories under my belt. I have developed a nationwide network of influential experts who I can enlist for help. The Restart Maryland tool is just one recent example. Nationally recognized figures have endorsed my campaign because they are familiar with my long record of work. Some of them gladly joined me in a webinar recently to make the case for reopening the economy.

Serving you in the great cause of saving our state and nation is my life's work. I have no other aim, and a decades-long track record to prove it. My GOP primary competitors are nice enough people, but they literally don't know what they don't know about how it all works, who our enemies are, and what it will take to defeat them. Unlike all of them, I have been in the trenches fighting for decades. When all is said and done, I want to give my children a state and nation that we can be proud of. I will serve YOU as the strongest ally President Trump will have in Congress, and together we will work to Make Maryland and America Great Again and KEEP IT THAT WAY! Please vote for me on June 2.

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