• Jim Simpson

Save the Bay: The Democrats Won't

Updated: Mar 12

Linked below is a report I prepared for the Maryland Public Policy Institute in 2014. The piece was titled "A Better Way to Restore the Chesapeake Bay." Read the report. Yes a bit dated but still relevant. Things haven't changed. Maryland's famed watermen know what works, and know what the cause of the problem is. As usual, however, they are ignored by the glitterati, represented by such groups as the Chesapeake Bay foundation (you know, that ubiquitous Save the Bay bumper sticker), which, with typical disdain, called watermen ideas "Crap Cakes."

The Foundation has done next to nothing to help restore the Bay despite constant fundraising efforts claiming to do so. But insiders even admit it is simply a fundraising vehicle. As usual, while claiming to support efforts that will fix things, the leftists and establishment types (today virtually indistinguishable groups), don't really want to fix anything because to do so would lose a major funding source for their countless parasitic worker bees and all their various agendas.

The Hogan administration did reach an agreement last fall with Exelon Energy, owner of the Conowingo Dam - the source of much of the problem. Exelon must spend $200 million in Bay restoration projects, but unfortunately that does not include dredging the dam, something my report underscores as the necessary bottom line to restoring Bay quality.


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