• Jim Simpson

My Letter to the Editor of the New York Times this Morning

To the Editor:

Your March 7, 2020 article "Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups," could be called an example of the pot calling the kettle black, but it is actually worse. Nothing more than a smear campaign against an organization, Project Veritas, that does the kind of serious investigative journalism you have long since abandoned in favor of hyperpartisan propaganda. Project Veritas does not investigate Trump opponents. It investigates and exposes the dishonesty, corruption and bias of the extreme leftwing organizations that you represent.

In just one example, this article states, "Mr. Trump claimed without substantiation that videos released by Mr. O’Keefe showed that Mrs. Clinton and President Barack Obama had paid people to incite violence at rallies for Mr. Trump."

What do you mean, "without substantiation?" The video itself recorded Bob Creamer of Democracy Partners describing the work his organization did for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Scott Foval, formerly of People for The American Way, who was working directly with Creamer, describing how they sent people to deliberately provoke violence at Trump rallies. Others in the video made similar comments, including Creamer. What was "not substantiated" about that? Foval was fired and the Hillary campaign dropped Democracy Partners. Why would they do that if it wasn't true? Now Democracy Partners is doing what the Democrats do every time their dirty work is exposed: they are suing. Why aren't you defending Veritas?

The truth is that your ilk despises Project Veritas because it exposes you for the corrupt, dishonest, agenda driven people you are. This includes not only the New York Times, but most media, the American Federation of Teachers mentioned in the article, and for that matter the National Education Association, and other public employee unions. A symbiotic relationship between these unions and Democrats has developed that has corrupted education and everything else these colluding groups touch.

Then you go after Erik Prince, someone who has dedicated his life to public service. Serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL is honor enough, but the organization he founded, Blackwater USA, fulfilled a desperate need for the U.S. Army by building a robust military training program in record time -- training that was needed because Bill Clinton cut military readiness to bare bones. And what is so objectionable about having people go undercover into these corrupt organizations? The Obama administration used millions in taxpayer dollars to fund an undercover operation targeting a U.S. presidential candidate. Where was your objection to that?

Your dislike of Prince stinks of envy. None of you could achieve a speck of what he has accomplished in his life, and are alarmed that he is again putting his extensive training and experience to good use. He, like Project Veritas and many concerned Americans, is outraged by the Left's subversive and destructive activities and the way the media covers and lies for them. He generously offered his help to Veritas -- one of the most effective investigative journalism organizations in America.

The New York Times has always leaned Left, but at one time you actually did report the news. Reading your articles today is like reading Animal Farm over and over again. You dishonor your readers, your nation and yourselves.

You are a disgrace.


Jim Simpson


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