• Jim Simpson

In Every Crisis There is a Silver Lining

  • The UN has temporarily halted refugee resettlement out of concern for convenience and safety of refugees, not concern that refugees could spread the virus, like they do with so many other deadly diseases

  • The US State Department continued to resettle refugees until forced to stop by the UN decision, not President Trump's travel ban or national shutdown

  • We have been graced with the coincidental benefit the UN decision provided, despite the fact that our welfare had no bearing on that decision.

The UN announced on Tuesday that it would suspend resettlement travel for refugees. It noted ongoing disruptions in travel and the inconvenience that posed to refugees, the effort by many nations to limit entry, and the potential corona virus threat to refugees traveling to infected countries. Nowhere, nowhere, did it mention the possibility that refugees could be carriers of the disease, even though refugees come from many corona virus-infected nations. Refugee camps are also petri dishes for all kinds of illnesses, and refugees frequently bring those illnesses with them to their new host country.

Care for refugees, no matter what it costs the rest of us, is the new normal reflected in behavior and law by the UN and the exclusively Western nations targeted by the refugee program. Refugees are like gold. They can do no wrong, so every effort must be spared on their behalf.

In this circumstance, however, it ironically benefits the target nations, that get a breather from the constant influx of needy populations carrying terrorism, a penchant for assault and rape, and every form of disease and dysfunction describable. This is particularly important here in the U.S.where, despite the virtual shutdown of our nation, and the danger from incoming travel, the U.S. State Department was continuing to bring in refugees unabated from as many as 23 corona virus-infected nations.

This presents for all to see, the ugly, contemptuous attitude official Washington has for the nation it is supposed to serve. The State Department, Health and Human Services and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, all of which facilitate the refugee resettlement program, would relentlessly continue resettlement unabated if the UN had not suspended travel. The State Department even implicitly acknowledged this in a statement to Breitbart News today:

Due to the [UN Refugee Agency’s] temporary suspension, we notified our implementing partners to expect a refugee arrivals pause from March 19 through April 6. We will work with our implementing partners to plan for a resumption of refugee arrivals on or after April 7.

The State Department added that the safety of U.S. citizens was its highest priority, but it was due to the UN's decision that the program would be suspended, not the President's! State had no choice but to suspend. The Swamp is wide and deep, and this is one of its favorite programs.

Somehow, these people believe worldwide pandemics don't apply to them, or have no concern whatever for the potential consequences of their actions. In Europe and elsewhere, this was made official policy with the 2018 UN Global Compact for Migration, which gratefully, President Trump refused to sign. Under that document, it is a crime to even speak ill of refugees, no matter how many problems they bring, no matter how many crimes or acts of terrorism they commit.

This once again puts in stark relief the utter contempt and hatred for Western society and culture shared by so many in official positions in Europe, that they would willfully inflict all this on us. This is another dimension of the extreme Left's war against the West. Fortunately, we are all now seeing it front and center every day in the false, slanderous reporting by the press, their obscene and compulsive hatred for this president, and the dangerous actions many officials are willing to take to advance their agenda. It is a second silver lining that will hopefully lead to a wholesale rejection of the Left at the polls this November. If people don't see it now, we are sunk.

As your representative in the U.S. Congress I will fight to abolish the refugee resettlement program as it is currently structured and return it to the private, charitable effort it was, where refugees were sponsored individually by people and charities without government assistance. Refugees, like everyone else, needed to show they would be self-supporting, not public charges like most are today. I would also advocate President Trump's idea to push for our government to use its clout to resolve the refugee problem at its origin.

As it stands now, those nations that create these refugee problems need to be confronted. If the world community is so worried about refugees, it should be able to pull together to isolate and discredit those nations that allow these situations to develop. As was described to me by someone familiar with the issue in Kurdish zones, for example, Kurdish leaders are alarmed at the brain drain the refugee program creates. Those in the best position to resettle elsewhere are the people who could and should be staying behind to help resolve their problems.

Meanwhile, the situation worldwide gets worse by the day, encouraged by financially-motivated resettlement organizations colluding with open-borders activists, who facilitate mass migration. Finally, as a temporary solution, all our resources should be devoted to helping maintain and improve conditions in refugee camps, so refugees can return home once the crisis is passed. Survey after survey proves most refugees would rather do that. Instead, the current setup is tailor made for the open borders agenda. And this agenda has no one's best interest at heart, except that of the radical Left and its Islamist allies. As your congressman, I will fight the open borders agenda tooth and nail.


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