• Jim Simpson

I Stand With Donald Trump

I supported Donald Trump from the day he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. I knew he was the one with the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton.

Why? I like the President. He has always been outspoken and unafraid to say what is on the minds of many Americans. But he had no experience in politics, never ran for office and didn't have knowledge of the issues like, say Ted Cruz. The establishment thinks all that stuff is important.

But the establishment doesn't get it. They have not been living in the real world. They live in a comfortable bubble called the DC beltway, floating on the trillions in tax dollars that flow to DC every year on April 15th. Their money comes in like clockwork, and all they have to do is figure out how to carve up the taxpayer pie.

We, on the other hand, do get it. We have been living in the real world. We go to work every day, we run businesses and raise families. We are the ones left holding the bags of garbage the DC bubble sends our way.

And what have they been sending us? Massive levels of legal and illegal immigrants who take our jobs and our businesses, overburden our schools and healthcare system, saddle welfare with waves of dependents and commit horrific crimes. But if you protest, you are a "hater," a "bigot," or a "racist!"

They send us on military expeditions that separate families and kill our most dedicated patriots, while never delivering meaningful victory, or even any sensible reason for going. So those sacrifices in blood and treasure turn out to be for nothing! It's heartbreaking!

Meanwhile, the huge taxes used to pay for it all and burdensome regulations found nowhere else in the free world, drive businesses overseas, especially to China, where our dollars have helped build the economy and military of an enemy that now rivals ours!

We pay for it all, in taxes, jobs and lives, while the rest of the world skips out! What do we get in return?


President Trump understands this. He has always understood this because he is one of us. Yes, of course he has more money, but he earned it, facing the risks -- and failures -- in running businesses.

As a businessman who started and grew a small business from scratch, I know that to be successful one has to take risks, manage almost unbearable stress at times, and to think outside the box every single day, to solve problems no Harvard graduate could ever anticipate!

Few lawyers, few politicians -- like Dutch Ruppersberger -- have ever had to deal with these kinds of challenges, ever. They are perhaps the worst people in the world at solving problems.

But I knew President Trump would be ready to tackle them, and do so faster and smarter than the cleverest politicians and think tanks. Because that is what businesspeople do every day!

And President Trump has since proven me right.

As a fellow businessman, a fellow patriot and YOUR candidate for the U.S. Congress in Maryland's District 2, I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP TO MAKE MARYLAND AND AMERICA GREAT AGAIN -- AND KEEP IT THAT WAY!

I ask for your vote in the upcoming primary on June 2. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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