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Coronavirus Latest - Prepare but Don't Panic!

Updated: Mar 12

The coronavirus, officially designated Covid-19 (for "coronavirus disease 2019"), is dominating today's news cycle. it is difficult, however, to know where the truth lies on this whole issue. The media has hyped it as Breitbart suggested in this article, where it points out there have been some 18,000 deaths from influenza this year and 32 million cases. At the time of that article there were only six dead from Covid-19 in the U.S.

But the death rate appears to be much higher. The latest reports are 100,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide, with 3,300 deaths. If true -- and Communist China is not being honest about their experience -- this would mean a death rate of 3.3 percent, compared to an influenza death rate of 0.06 percent. In America there have been 12 deaths and over 230 cases as of this reporting, a death rate of about 5 percent. That is significant. And the disease seems to spread quickly.

Here in Maryland, Governor Hogan has declared a state of emergency. Three cases have been diagnosed in Montgomery County, a couple and a separate woman, all of whom contracted it overseas. They are all in home quarantine.

A decent rundown of essential facts on the virus can be found HERE. My suggestion is to take necessary precautions -- like good hygiene -- but don't go nuts over it. Personally, I am not curtailing any activity unless and until I see more evidence that this is directly threatening. I will probably stock up on food and other essentials, mostly because the fear other people have could result in a run on those supplies. But we really have to be careful. I believe the hype could be designed to crash the economy in the run up to the 2020 election. Don't put it past the Left. They will do anything to win. While a subprime-mortgage-driven market crash was probably inevitable, the timing in late 2008 was manufactured by a few market manipulators to help Barack Obama get elected. At the same time, we can't ignore the potential ramifications of a worldwide pandemic, if such is actually developing.


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