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Baltimore Crime Report On the Money

Updated: Mar 12

This report by colleague Sean Kennedy describes the terrible condition of Baltimore law enforcement that is spilling out into surrounding counties. His conclusions are reproduced here:

Baltimore can and must address its crime epidemic and public safety crisis or continue a trend toward irreversible decline. Its police department must be well-resourced, wholly accountable, and professionalized. State and federal resources are needed to immediately imprison the most dangerous and violent offenders. The city prosecutor’s office must be compelled to pursue cases. Its outcomes should be scrutinized, and where appropriate circumvented by state-level prosecution teams to ensure cases are vigorously pursued. These strategies can and will make Baltimore safer if the will exists to implement them.

I believe the police also get a bad rap in Baltimore. Sure some are corrupt, but mostly they are simply overwhelmed by a city that has indulged a lawless, entitlement attitude for decades. This spills into every aspect of governance, law enforcement and societal culture in Baltimore. As usual, it is the result of decades of unchallenged leadership by leftwing Democrats. It will only change when official Baltimore begins to take credit for the mess it has created and continues to create. Criminals stop committing crimes only when they are stopped. A soft approach only encourages them.

The Armed Career Criminal statutes, enacted during President Reagan's tenure, have been very effective at reducing gun crime, but in recent years, local prosecutors have helped criminals avoid ACC minimum sentences by plea bargains that avoid those penalties. Governor Hogan's state proposals would seek to reimpose some of those minimum penalties. Yes, we need to encourage youths to steer clear of a life of crime, but that will do nothing to deter the many already entrenched in it. Only serious consequences will stop those people, and Baltimore leaders need to face that reality. Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again. By that measure, leaders in Baltimore can be characterized as insane - criminally insane.

Stop the insanity!


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