The U.S. illegal alien population now stands at between 16 and 30 million, with a mean estimate of 22 million, according to a recent Yale University study. Additionally, many illegals have qualified for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which grants temporary legal protection to those fleeing war or environmental catastrophe in their home countries. These "temporary" agreements are continuously renewed -- de facto amnesty. Some TPS recipients have been here for decades. Few, if any, ever go home. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive action of questionable legality taken during the Obama administration, essentially legalized about 700,000 illegal alien youths, most of whom are now adults. DACA and TPS account for over 1 million more illegals.



Baltimore and surrounding environs are reeling from the high level of street crime. The Baltimore City crime rate is higher than 99.1 percent of all other U.S. cities.  Since 2002, Baltimore's violent crime rate -- including murder, rape, assault, robbery and other measures of violent crime -- has been almost 4 times higher than the national average. In the past few years it has exceeded five times the national average. 


In 2019, there were 348 murders in Baltimore City, almost one murder per day and the second highest number in history. As of this writing, there have been 39 murders in 2020 -- continuing the trend of almost one murder per day. And while expressions of outrage are almost universal across the political spectrum, the Maryland Left, including Not Much Dutch, steadfastly refuse to support and enact the kinds of crime fighting policies that actually work.


Solutions to growing the economy are actually quite simple. They are just not easy. This is so because to make essential changes, the status quo often must be challenged. President' Trump's economic policies are a great demonstration of this fact. For years we heard how corporations cheat America, avoiding taxes by relocating in foreign countries. But corporations left because America had some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Driving these companies overseas not only reduced U.S. employment, it also reduced tax receipts. 


President Trump's tax cuts have, for the first time, encouraged manufacturers to return to America...

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