America has allowed over 1 million legal immigrants per year since the 1980s, less than 15 percent of whom immigrate for employment purposes. The vast majority are simply chain migration. The U.S. illegal alien population now stands at between 16 and 30 million, with a mean estimate of 22 million, according to a recent Yale University study. Additionally, many illegals have qualified for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which grants temporary legal protection to those fleeing war or environmental catastrophe in their home countries. These "temporary" agreements are continuously renewed -- de facto amnesty. Some TPS recipients have been here for decades. Few, if any, ever go home. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive action of questionable legality taken during the Obama administration, essentially legalized about 700,000 illegal alien youths, most of whom are now adults. Taken together, DACA and TPS account for over 1 million more illegals.

Sanctuary policies are a magnet for illegal aliens and encourage crime by cultivating an atmosphere of lawlessness. Maryland ranks 5th as having one of the largest per capita illegal alien populations in the U.S. Illegals in Maryland steal jobs from hardworking Americans, especially in inner cities, where minority entrepreneurs find their businesses repeatedly undercut by illegals who avoid many of the compliance costs required of legitimate businesses. The benefits showered on illegals, like in-state college tuition, rob legal Maryland residents of these same opportunities, while saddling them with the costs. 

Maryland also has one of the largest populations of MS-13 gang members in the U.S. Otherwise peaceful suburban residential neighborhoods have been marred by murder and other violent crime as a result -- for example the brutal MS-13 murder of a young Towson man allegedly from a rival gang. Illegal aliens commit crime way out of proportion to their numbers in the population. The Department of Justice recently reported that 64 percent of all federal arrests in 2018 were against noncitizens.

Incredibly, the state legislature has now proposed two bills, HB338 and HB493, both politically motivated bills that will further codify Maryland's sanctuary policies to the benefit of illegal aliens at risk to Maryland taxpayers by abolishing the 287g. program and literally making it a crime to cooperate with ICE in certain circumstances. There are countless examples of illegal aliens released to avoid ICE detainers, who go on to commit grisly crimes, including rape and murder. 


Incumbent Congressman Dutch (Not Much Dutch) Ruppersberger has no problem with all of this. While paying lip service to "border security," he rubber stamps the far Left's open-borders agenda, fully supporting amnesty for illegals and these other policies, guaranteeing that conditions will only get worse. 

As your representative in Congress I will fight for real immigration reform:

  • Reduce annual legal immigration to only those truly required for employment,

  • Restrict immigration to only those willing to adopt American laws, culture and values

  • Abolish Diversity Visa lottery, TPS and many other similar programs that circumvent the usual immigration process

  • Support funding for expedient completion of the border wall

  • Deny federal funding to sanctuary cities/states, prosecute state and local leaders who defy immigration law

  • Demand employers utilize E-Verify to discourage employment of illegal aliens

  • Prosecute those employers who hire illegals in defiance of law

  • Deny government benefits of any kind to illegal aliens

  • Offer seasonal green cards to those willing to apply from home nations

  • Support President Trump's denial of entry to "public charge" immigrants

  • End birth tourism. Deny birthright citizenship to children of illegal aliens

  • Deport all illegal aliens and visa overstays 

  • Deport Temporary Protected Status recipients as soon as latest extension expires

​Finally, I will propose repeal of the 1980 Refugee Act, to restore the refugee resettlement program to its original purpose and dimensions, and support any and all other measures that restore our immigration system to sanity.

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