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​I live here in Lutherville and was raised in a typical middle class family. My mom was a stay at home mom who raised 5 children, my two sisters, two step brothers and myself. My father was a WWII veteran who fought in the Pacific and died in a commercial airline crash when I was a boy. I have two daughters, the younger of which we adopted from Guatemala. Both attended schools in Baltimore and grew up here. I attend Valley Presbyterian Church on Joppa Road near Falls Road. 


I got my first job when I was 14, working weekends and summers on a farm that was also an amusement park. I also worked at a local fast food restaurant. Later I took jobs doing factory work,  landscaping, house painting, tree work and bar tending. I went back to school after working for over five years. My first career job was with the White House Office of Management and Budget, where I saw firsthand the insanity of how government is run. It is not a pretty sight. After serving under presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton, I left government in 1993 to start my own small business. In 1996 my business story made the front page of the business sections in both the Washington Post and Washington Times.

Our country changed in the events following 9/11, and so did I. I felt compelled to share what I knew about the threats to our country both internally and abroad. Since 2002, I have written articles, research reports and books for numerous publications, both print and online, and spoken across the nation regarding the growing dangers we face.

I have made fixing these problems my life's work. I have developed a nationwide network of supporters, including experts in many fields. I have written and spoken on the issues that concern all of us for decades. As a small business owner, I know what it takes to create jobs. I know what it takes to fix  problems. 

Why I'm Running for US Congress

I love living here. This is where I raised my family and this is where I want to spend the rest of my life. It’s beautiful. The rolling hills, the trees, the Chesapeake, fishing in Gunpowder river, going to the Eastern Shore. What a place! And I have so many good friends. We all help each other out and share our concerns about where the state is headed. 

Everything that makes Maryland great is at risk. Our people are bleeding out of the state every year. This year Baltimore City’s population is lower than it was 100 years ago. We are being driven out by illegal immigration, high taxes and crime. Politicians are now pouring money into one of the worst public school systems in the country -- that already receives more per student than almost any other state. Maryland is turning into California East. Democrat politicians are turning this beautiful place into a dump.


I am running for office because I want to stop the insanity. I want to stop the bleeding of people out of our state. I want our friends and families to stay here. I am the most qualified candidate running in District 2 this year. I will fight for your jobs, your income, your safety and your freedom. So I ask for your vote and your support on June 2. Together, we can bring prosperity back to Maryland and make Maryland Great Again.

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