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Jim Simpson for Congress
1810J York Road
Suite 421
Lutherville, Maryland 21093

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Principled, Fearless Leadership.

Stop the insanity. 

Join with me to fight for real change that lasts

beyond the next election.

It's time for a change in Maryland and D.C. 

Join me in this fight.


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Stop the insanity. It's time to send principled leadership to Washington DC. Join me.

To contribute by mail, please send a personal check made payable to “JIM SIMPSON FOR CONGRESS”


1810J York Rd.

Suite 421

Lutherville, MD 21093


Please include your full name, address, email address, occupation and employer in the envelope.

Principled, Fearless Leadership 


2020 will be a critical election year in determining the direction our nation goes. Will it continue to recover as it has under President Trump? Or will extremist Democrats in Congress push our country down the slow, suicidal slide toward socialism? 


The choice is yours.


If you want someone who will relentlessly fight for you in the U.S. Congress, I ask you to join me in this fight"


- Jim Simpson, Candidate For Congress in Maryland's 2nd District

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